Add Light To Ceiling Fan


Add Light To Ceiling Fan, Bathroom lighting ideas concern three basic areas. First of all, the bathroom mirror is the place where most innovation is possible. There are several lighting schemes you can use for the mirror. The most common lighting for the bathroom mirror comes from the disco bar over the top of the mirror, with 3, 4, or even 6 bulbs across the top. This has the effect of lighting the entire house, and making you go "YOW!" first thing in the morning while you put on your leisure suit and/or tease up your beehive. Contractors love the light bar over the top of the mirror because it is a cheap way to stick a light in a bathroom.

Aside from actually hanging a disco ball in the bathroom, this lighting is some of the tackiest lighting in your house.Add Light To Ceiling Fan You can have simple elegance and taste all the way through your home, and when you get to the bathroom, you have to squint every morning when you go in to brush your teeth. Since this is not the 1970's anymore, it is time to upgrade this lighting scheme. Wall sconces, track lights, recessed canisters, or just about any other lighting idea works in this area.

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