Black Ceiling Light Fixtures


Black Ceiling Light Fixtures, But after about two years, peach began to get old. Deciding to redo my entire home was going to be easy; I have a friend who's a terrific house painter and he volunteered, with a little arm twisting, to paint everything. All I had to do was supply the paint. Standing at paint displays in Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, The Great Indoors, the whole thing was a blur. Then I decided to whittle down the choices.

I started at one end and began picking up paint chip cards that appealed to me.Black Ceiling Light Fixtures I ended up with yellows, greens, purples, and reds. The paint chip cards came home and went up on the walls. The yellows went first; they looked too blah, especially with my huge living room sliding door that opened to a large deck. The light from outside washed out the yellow. The reds were just a little too much. I love red but I didn't think I could live with it. That left purple and green, two colors I've always loved. But which purple and which green and are they going to go together in the same room or what.

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