Ceiling Light Fixture Covers


Ceiling Light Fixture Covers, Inside will need updated paint colors and current wall textures. Walk some of the new housing subdivision model houses. That should give you a good idea as to current looks. Do not be afraid to take a few pictures to help you remember the ideas. Flooring should include a balance of new carpet, wood and ceramic tile. New homes have a little of each these days. Do not just lay carpet everywhere.

New stainless look appliances in the kitchen are just slightly more pricey than white or black appliances but are worth the investment.Ceiling Light Fixture Covers This look will show potential buyers that your kitchen is newly updated.The bathrooms may need new toilets and cabinets. It is many times easier to replace old appliances and fixtures in the bathroom rather than try to restore them. Toilets run as little as $70 at Home Depot or other building stores. Cabinets and sinks are reasonable too.

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