Ceiling Light Medallions


Ceiling Light Medallions, Since there's a lot of greenery on my deck, I thought having green walls would help bring the outside indoors. Great - but have you any idea how many shades of green there are? I live in an area of California that gets really hot and I thought maybe something on the slightly warm side, green with a yellow undertone, would be nice. Three hours of looking for the "perfect" green left me frazzled and my painter friend totally frustrated. In desperation, I moved to the left, looking at the cooler greens with a blue undertone. Now I'm not a fan of blue but immediately the cooler greens caught my eye.

When you think about it, cool green made a lot of sense.Ceiling Light Medallions If the house gets hot, wouldn't I want a gool green? Of course! Within half an hour I had the perfect green, maybe. I took the perfect green and the chip on either side of it and taped them to the walls. Because my living room and dining room have light hitting them from different angles, I made certain that I saw the chips on all the walls at different times of the day.

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