Flush Mount Crystal Ceiling Light


Flush Mount Crystal Ceiling Light, Most people who are interested in this style are going for an overall theme for their home décor. Maybe you got the idea from a popular interior design magazine or maybe you traveled to the Caribbean and were inspired to take home a little bit of the island décor and bring it home. Tropical ceiling fans are usually distinguished by their blades. Tropical ceiling fan blades are typically wider for improved airflow to keep you and your guests cool. Visually, these fan blades can vary in appearance. Many brands will use blades that resemble palm tree fronds while others simply oval-shaped with a visual appearance of wicker, rattan, or bamboo. The visual impact is quite dynamic and creates an instant feel reminiscent to the Islands. To tie in the overall look, consider coordinating the colors of the fan and its blades with your outdoor or patio furniture. While an exact color match might be your first instinct, consider that you may want a visual contrast between the fan and the rest of your outdoor space for a modern, contemporary feel.

While some homeowners mount their fans indoors, these are really outdoor ceiling fans. Flush Mount Crystal Ceiling Light These fans have special motors and finishes that can withstand the wear and tear that would occur over time if you were to use it outside. Believe it or not, but water vapor from excessive humid conditions can completely ruin a perfectly good appliance. Look for either wet or damp listed, which can work optimally in humid outdoor conditions.

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