Hallway Ceiling Light Fixtures


Hallway Ceiling Light Fixtures, While fluorescent bulbs are much more energy efficient their disposal presents and environmental hazard, potentially. There are small amounts of mercury in fluorescent bulbs, and mercury is something we want and need to keep out of landfills. Once it's in the landfill it pollutes the soil and ground water, ultimately polluting further downstream with bigger impacts. Finding places to recycle burned out CFLs is an important part of greening your life and protecting the environment.

My office is probably the most used room in the house, when it comes to lights.Hallway Ceiling Light Fixtures Since we arranged to have lights on each side of the room operate independently I'm able to keep only the lights I'm actually using on, not the entire room. And since I keep the shades open during the day, I don't need lights much at all. That's a great savings.

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