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Home Ceiling Lights, If you have a threshold where the lights are on the perimeters of the tray and feature a new rounded corner look protected in Plexiglas, remove the whole thing. You can use the side mounted lighting boxes for very small the path lighting or pick up plastic material or metal covers to the existing light fixtures and also screw them in; finish off with a drywall repair contact up and sand gently. You will have recovered the smooth wall surfaces of a traditional tray hall and can finish as over. Paint the cabinetry, affect the hardware and your kitchen possesses reemerged into a new period that will make you proud regarding very little expense!

If you are leasing and removing the lights is not an option, there is still a cheap and beautiful solution for you personally. Go to the home improvement store and get rolls of the translucent movie covering.Home Ceiling Lights It is available in lovely designs from etched cup to bamboo and a entire range in between. You can enhance any d├ęcor with the options available. Remove the Plexiglas sections and attach the motion picture.Then replace them. The particular film attaches with the exact same glue used in sticky information and will not cause just about any damage; but it will change your space.

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