Industrial Ceiling Light Fixtures


Industrial Ceiling Light Fixtures, The circline bulbs in the kitchen and pantry are double circular bulbs and burn either 40- or 58-watts for effective 150-200 watt light. My Bigger Half hates using them because of the amount of energy they consume. Here's another situation where you have to balance environmental benefit over comfort: use the higher wattage bulb because it gives you the vision you want or need, or use the lower wattage lights when using the kitchen. We haven't found our balancing act on that yet, but I'm sure we will.

One issue people often miss with fluorescent bulbs is that they wear out faster, and burn more energy, if they are turned on and off frequently. Their most efficient usage is for turning on and staying on.Industrial Ceiling Light Fixtures If you are going to turn the light back on within 15 minutes you are better off just leaving it on for the best energy efficiently and the longest life of the bulb.

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