Iron Ceiling Lights


Iron Ceiling Lights Pick a ideal medallion size. Little areas are easily over-powered through medallions that are too large. Medallions may also be too small in case an area is large. Percentage guidelines do not exist. Therefore measure the required medallion dimension by simply visualizing how it is going to appear on the ceiling. You might find that a 12-inch sq . or even round medallion fits a little room well. It is very important to produce a sense of stability between lighting fixture, size of space and the medallion.

Pick the containing more a bronze medallion. Calculate suitable finishes for your room's medallion by its present paint style and color. Enhance the room's style with a medallion that complements the textures found on the room's walls or flooring. Go with a choice that's bold and attention grabbing if the location could use extra personality. Pick a subdued finish if the room's contents are already visually stimulating.

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