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lighting and ceiling fans Strictly speaking, when square coffers are what you need, you need a square room. Generally, coffers are rectangular for this reason. However , I wouldn't end up being too quick to accept the conventional "checker board" look. Having a little imagination, you can make very interesting layouts for your threshold. Previously, coffers were discovered exclusively in libraries, play rooms, home offices, or official dining rooms of conventional homes. Today, coffered ceiling can be found in other rooms such as master bedrooms, kitchens, property theaters, etc .; - virtually any room where you have a hall height greater than 8 ft.

I want to draw attention to your personal ceiling. Take a look at it. Ceilings is an often neglected area of the place when it comes time to redecorate (or repair).lighting and ceiling fans There are so many things that you can do as well, that are inexpensive, yet give the simple elegance that talks to your style. Choose pretty ceiling medallions, crown creating, ceiling domes, rosettes, or even panel molding, just to title a few. Three of my personal favorite ways to accent a upper limit: ceiling medallions, ceiling domes, and crown molding.

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