Star Light Projector Ceiling


Star Light Projector Ceiling, I used to think that all fluorescent lights were the same, but it's not so. But under that delusion we bought four foot tubes for two closets, circle tubes for a closet and the kitchen and pantry, and then pigtails for the balance of the fluorescent collection. It turns out that though fluorescent bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, larger fluorescent bulbs are less energy efficient than smaller fluorescent bulbs.

For example, my 4' T10 linear fluorescent tube is a 40-watt bulb (about 3500 lumens), while my pigtail lamps range from 14-27 watts for effective 60 to 100 watts (candle bulbs I have in a couple of ceiling fans are 7 watts, with effective 40 watt light).Star Light Projector Ceiling My LED light burns 1.5 watts for an effective 40 watt light. Unfortunately, few of the CFL or LED lights -- at least the ones I have -- indicate how many lumens they are, and that's the real indicator of how bright the bulb will be.

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