Stars On Ceiling Night Light


Stars On Ceiling Night Light, The next area of illumination is the shower/commode area. This is usually a single light in the ceiling near the little fan. As it is a dual area light, you usually have a fairly strong bulb in place. Instead of using one huge bulb, why not split that lighting up some? Two 40 watt bulbs use much less electricity than a single 100 watt bulb, and for the green homeowner, you can even have them controlled by separate switches. This provides the right amount of illumination, while saving real dollars on electricity.

Once you have laid out your new lighting plan, start looking to upgrade the actual fixtures in the room.Stars On Ceiling Night Light You can go with a tavern theme, a castle theme, or just about anything you can think of. Bathroom lighting ideas are not restricted to just the lights mentioned above. You can realistically add or subtract lights, use a multiple bulb type system for the different areas of the bathroom, or just go with 40 watt bulbs to have ease in replacement.

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