Twin Ceiling Fan With Light


Twin Ceiling Fan With Light, Tray: A stepped threshold, where as the design moves out-of-the-way from the sidewall, the hall continues to rise to a higher flat working surface. Common in master sleeping rooms, living and dining areas. Tray ceilings add a good architectural look. Tray's are usually recessed and require extra framing to support the framework.

Vaulted: Common styles contain; angled, barrel and truffe.Twin Ceiling Fan With Light An angled vault is among the most typical, one or both sides of the ceiling slope upward towards peak. Angled vaulted ceiling are popular in most lifestyle spaces including sunrooms along with master bedrooms. A clip or barrel is distinguished by is actually circular shape and add episode to long hallways. along with a groin vault is the locality of two barrel vaults at a right angle. Truffe vaults are common in traditional Roman architecture, but are observed today in foyers in addition to breakfast rooms.

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