Wiring Ceiling Fan Light


Wiring Ceiling Fan Light, These testers retail for $5.99 to $7.98 depending on which model you choose and are an inexpensive first step before deciding to call in a pro. For the more skilled or adventuresome they also make a simple twin probe circuit tester, the neon light type that can be used to tell if a receptacle or circuit is hot (current present) and also if the polarity of the receptacle is correct. These simple twin probe testers can be bought for about $3.00 to $5.00 dollars each depending on features and are a bargain by any measure. Almost all hardware stores, home improvement centers or lumber yard will stock these items.

For those that wish to finish their basement, attic or are adding a room to their house may want to look at the products being offered by Carlon. They have a line of plastic nail-on outlet, ceiling and receptacle boxes that are easy to install and offer time savings over the conventional metal products.Wiring Ceiling Fan Light The added advantage to these products is that do not need to be grounded since they are plastic and insulate the electrical wires inside of the box itself. Outlet boxes are inexpensive and can be found for as little as 21¢ when on sale. For ceiling boxes they sell in the 98¢ to $1.10 range depending on size and features. Carlon is one of the largest of the box manufacturers so you can find their products just about anywhere where home improvement and lumber products are sold.

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