Thinking of selling or just looking to enjoy where you live more?  Home improvement projects – even in just a couple of key areas – can make a big difference with prospective buyers and increase the value of your home! We can make your place look great and more functional for the way you live.

Garden and Home Furniture are renowned for carrying an extensive selection of unique home furnishings, lighting, and accessories.  Our displays on the showroom floors are always changing as shipments come in daily.

We have been trading in the furniture sector for over 15 years, and have acquired the reputation of developing and maintaining a high-quality standard of furniture. We focus on bringing you the very best at low prices. We genuinely care about what we do.

Unlike other retailers, we are not limited to a set amount of stock levels. We offer a unique, simple, and constructive shopping experience that will beg for you to come back to us.

With our flexible manufacturing suppliers, we are able to sell special-size mattresses and divan beds at low-cost special prices. So please, if you don’t see the bed you require please contact us.

Immediate delivery can be arranged for in-stock home furnishings.  We carry a range of styles of furniture from modern to traditional. For many years we have embarked on worldwide buying trips searching for furniture pieces that are hard to find.

Every homemaker will need some home furniture either as a first-time investor or for renovation purposes. There are so many stores selling furniture that it can prove to be difficult to make the right decision for your home. Here are some points you should consider when making your choices.

  • While you should buy furniture so that each piece has a purpose that is either decorative or utilitarian, there is no steadfast rule that certain furniture has a certain use. There are actually many classic pieces of furniture for your home that have different purposes in different homes.
  • Take into consideration the practicality of the furniture you are purchasing. For example, cats will be cats and if you have some feline friends sharing your residence you should keep in mind that cats scratch furniture. Perhaps soft leather is not the ideal material. Leather only needs a small scratch and the tear will rapidly grow until it completely spoils the look of the furniture.
  • When comparing costs for different pieces of furniture, make sure you add the cost of the shipping when making comparisons.