Minimalist home decorators love the ottoman. It’s space efficient, movable, multi-purpose, and many ottomans also double as storage. They’re a great way to get more for less out of your home décor and furniture options. When it comes to stylish, flexible furniture, few pieces will help you achieve a minimalist design more than an ottoman.

The ottoman originated as a footrest for you to put up your feet while you’re sitting on the sofa, but modern ottomans can be so much more than that. Check out these 10 unique ways you can use an ottoman in your home.

#1 Book Shelf – Like any good coffee table, an ottoman with a second level underneath is a great way to store books, magazines, and anything else you want to have on display and within reach from the couch. This is a great idea for every book lover.

#2 Shoe Storage – Have too many shoes piling up? An ottoman in your bedroom could be the solution to your shoe-related woes. A large, round ottoman can become your best friend. Look for ottomans with individual pockets where you can keep shoes neatly organized together.

#3 Patio Cooler – A wicker ottoman could be the secret to cold drinks on your back deck. They can hide unseemly rubber coolers and keep cold drinks in easy reach.

#4 Filing Cabinet – Love kicking your feet up while you’re working in your home office? Free up more space in your home office by using your ottoman as a filing cabinet.

#5 Dog House – If you find an ottoman that’s open on the side, it can easily turn into your pup’s favorite hang out. With some blankets and their favorite toy, they will love hanging out close to you while you watch TV.

#6 Extra Living Room Seating – Besides using it as a footrest, extra seating is among the most conventional ways to use an ottoman, but it’s one of the more useful ways to repurpose them. Ottomans can be light and easy to move, so they can be quickly pressed into service when you have company and need extra living room seating.

#7 Entertainment Storage – Since ottomans tend to live in the living room anyway, why not turn it into entertainment storage. They’re great for storing video game consoles, controllers, and games.

#8 Vanity Seating – Wish you had a better way to get ready in the morning? Plunk your ottoman down in front of the mirror and it makes great vanity seating.

#9 Coffee Table – A simple tray can turn any ottoman into a coffee table. The tray will make it easy to put down your cup of coffee or a snack.

#10 Use in a Window Nook – If you’re lucky enough to have a window nook in your home, why not add a comfortable ottoman so you can stretch out?

When it’s time to replace your old ottoman, think big about how you can make the most of this versatile piece of furniture. From extra storage to a patio cooler, an ottoman can fill a lot of roles in your home. Get more out of your furniture with multi-functional, movable pieces like ottomans. Your home is your playground. Have fun with your furniture.