A Canadian winter can be brutal for the trees on your property; frequent freezing and thawing has been shown to take quite a toll on trees that have not been professionally cared for. One of the best ways to combat these harsh conditions is to frequently prune your trees – this entails trimming back parts of the tree that are dead or infected by disease. While having lots of trees on your property can be very rewarding, you also need to be responsible, care for your tress, and develop a relationship with a local pruning company certified by the ISA who can help your trees thrive, or remove them safely when they do not – you’ll need get professional stump removal help if you’ve got a dead tree on your hands.

Efficient Growing

When a plant has dying or entirely dead sections it rather predictably does not grow as efficiently as it could. It is constantly diverting its natural resources to areas of the tree where it simply will not grow despite the best efforts of the trees biological functions. By having your tree properly pruned, the tree can utilize the water and sunlight it is receiving in the most efficient way possible, which will lead to the plant reaching its maximum growth potential over time and making you a happy tree owner!

Aesthetically Pleasing

By properly pruning your trees you will not only tame the wild growth that can easily occur and pose threats to your home but you will also improve the aesthetics of your home almost instantly. This is especially important if you are seeking to sell your home in the near future. A significant portion of the property value of your home is related to its curb appeal which can be significantly improved if professional tree pruners are brought in to assist you in beautifying your yard and garden.

Treat Sickness

Disease within trees often begins in one isolated area and then spreads throughout the rest of the tree over time. Luckily, if a trained professional can spot and eliminate disease within a tree before it has time to spread, this will keep the rest of the tree healthy and growing regularly. The key to stopping these diseases is to regularly have your trees pruned so that those trained to diagnose such problems have the opportunity to eliminate them and minimize the amount of damage they cause.

Beyond these three points it is imperative that the professional taking care of your trees is ISA certified. ISA certifications ensure that the professional has been trained properly and is capable of taking on any of the possible challenges that they may face while tending to your trees. It is important to note that these are trained professionals – it is highly unsafe to attempt this type of work on your own without the proper tools and training, due to the many moving parts associated with tree trimming and pruning. Never again allow a cold Canadian winter to permanently damage your trees, be sure to call one of your local ISA certified specialists today!