You’ve finally found that perfect home you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Still, after the thrill and excitement are gone the less pleasant part of this new transition kicks in: the moving day. What you need to do at this point is keep moving chaos at bay, put your mind at ease and tackle this whole ordeal successfully. With this in mind, we have prepared a little start-to-end moving day guide, ideal for everyone who aspires to a hassle and distractions-free relocation. Professional moving companies such as Verified Movers are the crucial tool in your moving survival kit. So make sure to check this task off your list as soon as possible. Let’s see what leads to the moving day?

Caption: The moving day will be a complete success once you’ve hired an expert moving company.

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Moving day should be planned in advance

It is virtually impossible to move your home without previous preparations. Do yourself a favor and create a checklist of all the deadlined tasks. This will ensure going through your move in a timely fashion and it will save you a lot of nerves. What should be found on this list? Well, it certainly depends on many factors, but usually, it comes down to this:

  • create a realistic budget – this includes contacting moving companies and asking the essential question: how much will your move cost?
  • request time off work for moving day – pro tip: if it is feasible, you can set Friday as your moving day and have the weekend to settle in and start organizing your space a bit
  • plan a garage sale – or even better, donate the things you don’t need to charity
  • learn how you should move fragile and unusual items
  • delegate duties to other family members – if there are other family members who are moving with you, involve them as well; don’t take all the responsibility on yourself

Six weeks prior to the moving day

There are numerous tasks that should be addressed at this point. And some of them are fun and important. For example, if you’re moving out of town, it would be nice to throw a dinner party for your friends, right? It doesn’t have to be all fancy and elaborate, just gathering all those familiar faces in one place will be enough. Back to the tedious part of the moving, making an inventory of all the valuables is also indispensable, as this will serve as an additional safety measure. Speaking of measuring, this is exactly what you need to do with the doors and entryways at your new place, just to be 100% sure all those bulkier items will fit through. If you’re going to pack on your own, make sure to start a month ahead. Believe us, you don’t want to experience the last minute packing frenzy. This is also a great time to do a research on how to decorate your new place, start exploring your new neighborhood and see what your new favorite spots might be.

Caption: You know best what should be found on your moving day checklist. Make sure to create one!

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Four weeks before the relocation date

We’re still in the one-month timeframe. This is the ideal time to collect all your documents and records in one place: birth certificates, legal and financial records. Also, this is the right time to update your voter registration. You still have plenty of time to declutter a bit and get rid of all the stuff you don’t need, whether through a garage sale, charity donation or recycling. Don’t forget to clear debts if there are any such as returning your library books or movie and video games rental. When it comes to some researching, you should find new doctors, dentists or vets in the new borough. Another pro tip: why not create a moving day playlist and go through the moving day dancing to your favorite songs?

Two weeks: when the moving day is approaching

Time flies, and you’re just two weeks away from the moving day. So, what are you supposed to do now? If you have the habit of storing the food in the freezer, this is the best time to start using everything from it so you can avoid food waste. Moving your home with children? Well, it would be best to start looking for a babysitter or arranging a playdate for your little one. The same goes for pets. Although your friends would love to help you, sometimes they’re too busy, so you will have to look for some doggy daycare options. Also, it would be a good idea to go to Google Maps and see the best way to commute from home to work.

Ta-dah! The moving day has arrived!

Early bird catches the worm: make sure you rise and shine early, you will definitely need it. As much as it sounds like a weird advice, be sure to stay hydrated and eat properly. The last thing you need is for your energy levels to go low. You will have to protect your floors and carpets before the movers come so no damage occurs. After the movers finish their part of the deal, we recommend you to organize your bathroom first. It’s only natural that you will want to have a nice relaxing shower or a bath once you’re done for the day. Once all the cleaning and decorating is over, get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself, let them know you’re new in town, it’s always a good idea to meet some new people. If you find the time, go grocery shopping and avoid takeouts and unnecessary spendings.

Caption: Moving is always an excruciating experience – don’t forget to rest and relax!

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Post-move feeling: what now?

Our guess is you’ll be feeling quite tired after the moving day. Hence the advice to take time off on a Friday, so you can have the whole weekend for yourself. Indulge yourself. Spend the afternoon watching your favorite movie, get a professional massage or play some nice music. You know what’s best for you and what relaxes you. Sticking to our guidelines will provide you a smoother and a stress-free move, which is of absolute importance for your welfare. With a help of a professional moving company, you can rest assured things will go according to plan. So you can settle in your new cozy place without a care in the world.