Hot tubs are a fantastic investment for people who want something that can allow them to relax after a tiring day at work. For many people, buying a hot tub is the first step for lifelong relaxation. Instead of going to a spa every time you want to relax, you can just bring it back to your place. But, such as any other investment that you make, it’s also incredibly important for you to maintain the hot tub. Otherwise, it won’t take very long before issues begin to arise with your hot tub. Unlike conventional bath tubs, there’s a dedicated mechanism running in the hot tub that keeps the water heated. Here is a simple guide for maintaining your hot tub that you should keep in mind.

Circulate the Water

Still water runs deep, but if you want to use clean water, it’s important that you circulate it first. Circulating the water through the cartridge filters at least once or twice a day can help you clean the hot tub properly. The water takes around 15 to 20 minutes to circulate through the hot tub. Most hot tubs have an automatic cycle, but if yours doesn’t, you should just run the water through the tub. The water will be cleaner and you will have a fun time as well.


The key to proper hot tub maintenance lies in properly scrubbing the tub regularly. Most people don’t do that, and it can lead to a major problem. When two or three people spend some time in the hot tub, it leads to a lot of bacteria in the tub. If you do not properly scrub it, you are risking the development of scum in the tub. If your tub is outdoors, you will also have to worry about wind-blown trash, dried leaves, and critters as well. Make sure you keep the waterline clear and the seats neat as well so that you can scrub the tub. There are many companies that offer hot tub cleaning services as well, so it’s recommended that you call them up for cleaning the tub if you don’t have the time.

Don’t Forget the Filters

The filters keep on running whenever you turn on the hot tub, and they play an important role in keeping the water clean. But, you should know that if dirt and scum get clogged up in the tub, it can significantly reduce the efficiency of your hot tub. You need to make sure that you clean the filters regularly. Just remove them first and spray them properly before you start rinsing. Once that is done, you can put them back in. You need to search for a suitable hot tub cleaning solution that you can use. Read a few reviews about different cleaning solutions and brushes before making a decision. These are just a few things that you should know about properly maintaining your hot tub. You will have to put in a conscious effort every day to maintain it well!