Choosing Modern Weather-Resistant Rattan Garden Furniture


In the current marketplace, there’s such an array of contemporary outdoor furniture to choose from. Weather-resistant rattan effect, or faux-rattan, is a very popular and practical choice for many. It not only looks great but it can simply be cleaned with soapy water.

Rattan garden furniture can be equally attractive to the eye and completely weather resistant. There’s no need to pack away this kind of furniture as wintertime closes in; it can merely be left outdoors throughout the year. It provides a really contemporary feel and look to your outdoor patio area whilst providing quite a substantial level of comfort.

What is the Difference Between Rattan and Wicker?

repairing-rattan-furniture-with-white-thread-The difference between wicker and rattan is often misunderstood. Rattan is a type of material. Wicker, on the other hand, is a style of weaving. So, essentially, wicker can be woven from rattan.

Can Synthetic Rattan be Left Outside?

Synthetic rattan garden furniture is weatherproof and can be left outside all winter. However, it will last longer if covered. By stacking the furniture together to protect from strong winds.

What is the Difference Between Rattan and Synthetic Rattan?

The durability of natural rattan is unparalleled but it cannot withstand all weather conditions. Due to this, you should never leave your synthetic garden set outdoors for extended periods. Synthetic rattan garden sets, on the other hand, are mostly made of plastic and will last much longer.

Check for Warranties

Rattan outdoor furniture can be purchased in around thirty various color shades, but it is worthwhile checking the exact guarantee on the fading of the rattan pieces you choose as a result of the ultraviolet light of the sun. Faux rattan should last anywhere between 10 – 20 years.

German-produced plastic rattan has got the greatest nonfading warranties – generally of about five years – whilst much of the plastic rattan produced in the Far East is barely guaranteed for more than one year. This is a crucial point well worth checking when making an acquisition.

The majority of plastic rattan should have alloy frames beneath them, that are once again completely weather resistant and incredibly lightweight. In the event, you intend to store the furniture set throughout the winter season, make sure to check out if the chairs are stackable because this can save you a great deal of space.


Other Features to Look Out For

Various other lesser factors worth looking at are that the feet possess rubberized or plastic-type supports on them in order to prevent the wooden patio deck from damage and scratches. In the event the table includes a glass top this ought to be manufactured from toughened glass and should also be detachable so that it may be wiped clean effortlessly if foodstuff or beverages are spilled.

If you plan on leaving your modern garden furniture set outdoors throughout the winter months but desire to extend the life span of the set, determine whether or not covers can be purchased either from the merchant or an expert outdoor furniture cover dealer.

Plastic rattan is anticipated to be one of the greatest modern garden furniture items and is easily obtainable. Bear in mind that you ought to first determine precisely what size set you would like prior to making an acquisition. First of all – how big are your family and the possible number of visitors you’ll be entertaining? Next,  what space will you be filling up with the furniture set? You ought to permit sufficient space around your outdoor furniture both for individuals to freely move about as well as for equipment like parasols and outdoor patio heaters to be positioned.

Additionally, think about whether you’ll want a parasol for the middle of the table and make sure that the table has got the required sized hole.

As soon as you have taken every one of these aspects into account and done your research you’re in a fantastic position to purchase your quintessential fantasy rattan modern garden outdoor furniture set and get it right the first time.