Lawn care is a rapidly growing industry which offers many exciting opportunities to would be entrepreneurs in all areas of the country and from all walks of life. No longer is lawn service a luxury item that is only sought after by the wealthy or by seniors. Hectic family lifestyles, dual income families and professionals who also maintain a side gig are all seeking landscape services which is opening the door for many new businesses to flourish across the country. Those interested in the lawn care industry should pay particular attention to a few tips on what to expect in 2018.

Expect Growth in the Industry

Lawn service is becoming a necessity for most homeowners who simply don’t have the time or desire to care for their lawn themselves. No longer are these services confined to just large estates. Most homes in middle class America have a lawn service which means there is plenty of work to go around for all of the existing lawn care companies as well as the new ones which are beginning to spring up nationwide. And what this larger client pool means for new business owners is that this industry now offers a much more stable revenue stream. Business owners can depend on earning a living year round and growing their business as the industry continues to grow.

What Do These New Lawn Care Customers Want?

It might seem like a very obvious question, but the answer could surprise many potential lawn service owners. Yes, clients are looking for their lawn care needs to be met but they are also looking for more communication, easy ways to communicate with their contractor and a level of customer service that is equal to what they receive from other home service providers. It’s not enough to just show up from time to time and cut the grass and pull a few weeds. Clients want to know what day to expect lawn service, what tasks will be completed and when they will receive a bill for those services. In short, clients are equally as interested in the quality of the work as well as the quality and professionalism in how the business is operated. Once a lawn service demonstrates their professionalism, then clients are happy to be able to forget about the worries of lawn care and place their trust in the skill of their new service provider.

Tools of the Trade

In the past, the tools of the lawn service trade were confined to lawn mowers, string trimmers and edgers, but today’s lawn service professionals are also relying on technology to get their job done. Scheduling and accounting software are both critical to running a successful lawn service in 2018. This allows you to maintain a regular schedule and billing cycle to keep your customers satisfied. And it takes the stress off of you for billing and keeping cash flow manageable.

Lawn care is a great business for anyone who is interested in working outdoors, enjoys interacting with clients and is committed to providing quality work and customer service. And the advances in technology provide go getters of all ages with the ability to manage their business efficiently and easily throughout the year.