The architect of your home reflects a historical period. You should use that period as a guide for selecting the materials that would suit your house. Here are a few options of materials that can be used in the doors and windows of your home:

  • Wood: If you want your home to look traditional, then wooden windows and doors are the best option. Wooden windows and door have other benefits. Such as,
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • Have negative global warming potential. It means that if you have a wooden window given 60+ years of service, they have lowered the amount of CO2 level in the atmosphere
  • Windows have a better life, like as much as twice the life of PVC-u windows
  • Wooden windows offer long-term value compared to PVC-u.
  • Clad of wood aluminium: In the last few decades, the wooden windows with aluminium clad on their exteriors are getting popular. The wood is protected from the weathering from the outside and so no need to paint in the outside. You will find several painted colors of powder-coated Windows & Doors Scarborough and also custom matching ones. In some powder-coat ones, you will also find texture or matte finish, which will make it look very attractive. There are also several anodized finished that provides greater looks to the outside of the windows. You can also order windows that you can bring home and color at your will or even get prefinished painted ones.
  • CPVC: Cellular PVC is good for hot and humid climates. This is because it is a combination of durability and aesthetics. They have the looks of wood by the durability is of vinyl. Even experts sometimes fail to recognize CPVC doors or windows. The benefit of CPVC is that they protect you from humid weather and insects.
  • Vinyl: In the late 1900s, vinyl windows started gaining popularity. Their dimension is less than that of a wooden window. The maintenance requirement is low. They are energy efficient. They are preferred for architectural styles that are streamlined.
  • Painted vinyl: This is a recent development. Painted vinyl can be painted with the colors of your choice and are low-cost windows. The attractiveness and affordability make it one of the most favorite You can opt for windows in different colors, and they can be painted when they are manufactured, ultimately even saving a lot of time for builders.