A lot of people store their valuables in the bank thinking it is the safest place with a twenty-four-hour security and alarm system. But most of the valuables kept in the bank’s deposit box aren’t insured, whereas the items inside your home are covered with the renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy.

If you are thinking that FIDC is covering the deposit boxes in banks, no they aren’t. FIDC is only responsible for the accounts you make with the bank, not safe deposit box’s contents.

Lastly, a few documents, such as funerary directives, wills, spare, keys, passports, etc. shouldn’t be kept in the safe deposit box of bank as you can only get them in the working hours of the bank and when a death message goes to the bank, they seal the deposit boxes. Then people need to get court orders to open the sealed deposit boxes.

Therefore, it is a good idea to get a fireproof safe in your house, or you can build your own safe.

Here are a few points that will tell you why you need a safe at your home:

  • Residential or commercial property insurance coverage, as well as agent, get in touch with information. You’ll require these details immediately if your residence suffers damages and you need to recognize exactly how to sue.
  • Passports and birth certifications. These can be a hassle to replace as well as can be found useful to establish identification when taking a trip with children.
  • A list of a family physician, prescription medicines, and call details for all pharmacies you make use of. You may require these to get new products of medicines you utilize regularly.
  • External hard drives or CDs containing digital duplicates of all family pictures. It’s a good idea to scan all older family members photos and maintain a digital copy of them too. Your family members memories in pictures are irreplaceable.